Pawan Gupta

Meet Pawan Gupta, CEO and co-founder of the manufacturing platform Fashinza.


Solving the Fashion Supply Chain with Pawan Gupta

Aug 25, 2022
Pawan Gupta

Solving the Fashion Supply Chain with Pawan Gupta

Fast fashion has created mountains of unwanted clothing that are rotting in landfills and even washing up on beaches. In this episode of Before IT Happened, host Dona Loughlin talks with Pawan Gupta, CEO and co-founder of the manufacturing platform Fashinza. The son of a factory manager in a small town in India, Pawan Gupta saw small factory owners, textile and fashion designers, and assembly line workers who couldn’t access larger suppliers and control how their products were made. Enter Fashinza, Gupta’s new platform that enables independent producers to innovate and automate smart factories with a mobile app and smartphone camera. Workers digitize their processes, capture production data, and quantify output, inventory, and quality control – increasing the efficiency and speed of their businesses.

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(02:27) - Pawan on broadening his vision and ambition - “That's when I thought that I am no less. I have cracked some of the toughest exams in college. If I can’t do it, then who else can?”

(08:13) - On Pawan’s first venture Curofy, a global platform for doctors - “In a couple of years, we had created a community of almost 30% of India's doctors who were discussing almost 1,000-2,000 cases every day on the platform.”

(14:58) - The problem with fast fashion - “The entire past few decades, we were all about building up volumes, just manufacturing huge quantities of products, and then shoving them down a consumer's throat by giving 70% discounts, 80% discounts. This is something we realized is a very, very bad practice.”

(20:06) - Fashinza’s sustainability goals - “One of the biggest impacts that we feel we can have is making a recyclable—or a more sustainable—product as cheap as the unsustainable one. If we can achieve that, then there's no reason for any brand or any customer to purchase the unsustainable one.”

(27:00) - How Fashinza is helping women in India - “We need to provide them more work, better work, and actually provide them safe working conditions to actually attract more and more women into the workforce there.”

(30:26) How the Fashinza platform works - “It improves the efficiency of the factories. It makes them as efficient as the large factories out there, makes them more reliable and hence positions them to be able to work with the best brands and retailers across the world.”  

(36:01) The future of manufacturing as Pawan sees it - “I believe that a lot of manufacturing is going to become more on-demand, rather than just manufacturing products meaninglessly in bulk.”

(37:37) Sustainability is more in demand than ever - “[Generation Z] are much more aware than we were when we were growing up. They have internet, they are connected, and they're a lot more conscious as well.”


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