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“The impossible is possible with the visionaries I speak to daily and it’s in my DNA too.”

Donna Loughlin is from the Land of Hearts Delights commonly known as San Jose, California the center of the Silicon Valley.   Donna’s biggest story telling influence was growing up in the pre-digital age in the newspaper industry at a young age. By age 10 she was exposed to news reporting, publishing, and the printing process, mostly from her father. By the time she was a teenager she had experience working for a community paper, local paper then book publishing. These experiences and her non-stop curiosity reading how things work ultimately led her to getting a degree in communications and journalism from top journalism schools.

Making the Impossible Possible

The pivot in Donna’s career was when she went from publishing to the technology sector and her senses were ignited. The tech industry is always advancing and how things work and impact everyone’s lives fascinates Donna. She is inspired by influencing change in how one can work and live with the advancement of technology one story at a time. Making the impossible possible intrigues her the most about working with visionaries and futurists.  

During college she worked for publishing firms and daily newspapers including the Washington Post and Reuters. After college she joined Reuters and completed three passports touring more than 80 countries only to return back to the Silicon Valley. Thus the creation of Before It Happened started more than 20 years ago! When she’s not asking questions and crafting stories she’s off flying or on a road trip discovering the next big thing Before It Happened!


2021: 10 Most Inspiring Woman of Influence
2020: Woman in Business & Professions Gold Award
2020: Woman of IoT Marketing
2020: Woman of Marketing
2019: Best of the Valley
2018: Woman in Future Tech
2017: Tech Leadership award
2014-2016: Best of Silicon Valley-PR Counselors
2014: Woman to Watch-Woman of Diversity
2009: Silicon Valley Woman of Influence, Silicon Valley Business Journal
2009: Hermes Creative Award – Gold

From Podcast to Live Casts

Let me share my wisdom and timeless stories that will inspire you to go out and create something or elevate an existing idea!

When Donna talks the audience listens. She has authentic engagement with her audience and takes them on a journey of discovery imagining that anything is possible.  The stories and wisdom she brings from entrepreneurship, technology and personal travels will ignite any digital or live event.

Brand building & PR
Story Telling

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