Troy Carter

Troy's mission at Earthshot Labs - "We do nature restoration projects all over the world. And we work with tribes, community groups, governments, and NGOs..."


Reforesting the Planet with Troy Carter

Aug 11, 2022
Troy Carter

Reforesting the Planet with Troy Carter

Humans have been exploiting the planet's natural resources since the dawn of civilization. This week’s guest on Before IT Happened, Troy Carter, would argue that even thetermnatural resources’ is exploitative in and of itself. Co-founder and CEO of Earthshot Labs, a venture-funded non-profit backed by the National Science Foundation, Troy Carter joins host Donna Loughlin on the show to talk about his work repairing the planet through nature restoration, forest protection, and the conservation of ecosystems.

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(02:22) - Troy Carter, a man of nature - “My relationship with nature has always been a really strong part of my life.”

(07:19) - Troy's mission at Earthshot Labs - "We do nature restoration projects all over the world. And we work with tribes, community groups, governments, and NGOs that are doing nature restoration projects."

(14:15) - Humans, science, and Artificial Intelligence come together to save the earth and "understand the past and understand the current ecological state, and then predict the future under different interventions, different climate scenarios and understand the risks of what's going to happen."

(17:29) - Nature restoration’s impact on other areas of development - "If we can heal the relationship with the whole and each person feels connected, feels belonging on the planet, that will change everything about the way humanity develops in the coming centuries."

(24:10) - Nature’s independent right to exist - "That is the deeper motivation for why we're building an organization to restore nature: to address climate change, to restore human livelihoods, to restore indigenous land agency."

(28:11) - Hope for the future - “Resilience is a word that’s thrown around a lot. And what it means is that human lives and humans can thrive, and ecosystems can thrive independent of macro factors. So let's build resilient systems.”


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