Eddy Soffer

Eddy Soffer joins the show to talk about his role at Interactive Brokers helping manage their ESG platform Impact.


People, Planet and Profits: ESG Investing with Eddy Soffer - Episode 46

Jun 2, 2022
Eddy Soffer

People, Planet and Profits: ESG Investing with Eddy Soffer

Impact investing is a rising trend. The massive amount of transactions online is helping users to shape the growth of companies they believe in. Eddy Soffer joins the show to talk about his role at Interactive Brokers helping manage their ESG platform Impact that specializes in environmental, social, and corporate governance investing. He explains how investors—particularly among the millennial and Gen Z demographics—increasingly drive change by voting with their wallets. We also cover topics like greenwashing and the protocols and measurements that businesses need to establish now to stay relevant.

If you’re a decision maker inside a company, tune in and learn why representation, equity and sustainability are important, not only for brand loyalty, but to create better team environments, products, solutions and ideas.

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(02:35) - Growing up all around the globe: Eddy’s multicultural background, MBA experience and his first job - “Whenever there are things that seem insurmountable or challenging, I always remind myself of the time when I first arrived and I was able to do it in such a great way, kind of like facing your fears.”

(07:42) - The new finance crusader: Eddy’s first approach to the concept of ESG and how it has evolved - “There are people in my generation that are sustainable and conscious, but the millennials and the gen Z's are the ones that are leading the force. They're growing up. It's the power of the wallet.”

(12:04) - Interactive Broker’s IMPACT app and why younger generations are so values-driven - “We have racial equality, LGBTQ inclusion, pure water, clean air, ocean life… We're very proud of those 13 values.”

(17:19) - Greenwashing and the biggest challenges of values investing - “The EU itself already has regulatory requirements for companies that are publicly listed that tells them exactly how to disclose on sustainability elements. That is coming to the US very soon.”

(23:32) - How a Fortune 500 company can build on their diversity and inclusion - “Be honest about the challenges you're having and some of the things that you're seeing and how you plan to address them. It has to start from the leaders.”

(27:03) - Sustainable trends, value alignment and crypto investing - “This is the power of the consumer, not just through their voice, but through their money. And so that is driving everybody on top of the chain to start responding and creating ESG products.”

(35:01) - Eddy’s advice for those interested in pursuing a career in ESG - “The element of passion is something that will definitely stick out. So bring that to the table.”


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