Amber Spencer

“I want to show women that they can compete and excel at whatever they want, even if it’s typically a man’s domain, and I want to set an example."


Paving the Way for Women in Motorcycling with Amber Spencer

Sep 8, 2022
Amber Spencer

Paving the Way for Women in Motorcycling with Amber Spencer

The motorcycle industry is constantly evolving and Amber Spencer, a triple threat as Vice President of Worldwide Marketing at Damon Motorcycles and racer and bodybuilder, is now playing an active role in that transformation. As a minority in the motorcycle industry (women make up only 20% of the rider demographic, and women racers are nearly non-existent), Spencer is ready to confront the barriers to diversifying the sport. Ultimately, she sees a future where instead of being adapted for smaller bodies, motorcycles might be built from scratch, for all shapes, sizes and abilities. Hop on this ride with us now to hear how Amber is blazing the trail for women in this traditionally male-dominated industry.

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(02:33) - Amber Spencer, the girl who grew up among trucks and motorcycles - “My dad was a big influence on me. He was really into cars. He really liked motorsports. We watched F1 racing. And my parents owned a transportation business.”

(05:08) - Amber's first motorcycle ride - “Just the feeling of the freedom, of not having anything around you and the environment is just right there. The road is just right there. It's just so unique, so different than being inside of a car because you're just outside in the elements and everything is just much more visceral.”

(10:24) - Moving to Canada - “When I was out on a motorcycle ride I met Damon’s CEO who had literally just started Damon, so that's how my career kind of took a shift from the marketing and tech side, and then I kind of started to combine that background with my motorcycling experience.”

(12:49) - CES 2020, a crucial event for Damon and motorcycling - “We introduced the HyperSport to the world. It was the smartest, safest, most high-performance electric motorcycle that anybody had ever seen.”

(14:55) - At Damon, Amber is committed to creating a more sustainable future - "The HyperSport is electric, but is also high tech. You also get a mobile app. You also get incredible performance. You get CoPilot. You get SHIFT.”

(16:25) - On riding Damon’s all-electric HyperSport bike - “You don't feel like you're on a different machine that you've never felt before. It feels very similar, but when you ride an engine, there is a certain amount of interference you get that you don't notice until you ride an electric motorcycle, and it just makes you feel like you are more one with the machine.”

(23:55) - Connecting body building and motorcycling - “If you're doing a bodybuilding competition, you have to eat a certain way. You have to cut some certain foods out. You have to make sure you get to the gym X number of times a week. And it's the same for any any competition or any big goal that you wanna achieve.”

(25:05) Amber's name symbolizes confidence and security; she reflects this in the way she drives: Usually, my approach is to focus on one thing at a time when I'm riding. So maybe that's my body position or maybe, it's like, maybe breaking a little later and turning in like at a different point. And, so, really focusing on my skills.”


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