Jason Ma

Jason Ma works to make the most of this stage of life and prepare Gen Z to take the reins. Ma is the Founder, CEO, & Chief Mentor at ThreeEQ.

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Coaching Next Gen Leaders with Jason Ma - Episode 37

Mar 9, 2022
Jason Ma

Coaching Next Gen Leaders with Jason Ma

The world's next leaders and CEOs are now going through the difficult task of applying to the best colleges and schools. Jason Ma works to make the most of this stage of life and prepare Gen Z to take the reins. Ma is the Founder, CEO, & Chief Mentor at ThreeEQ. In this episode Jason talks about his career and the different professional assets that led him to create a mentoring company for the young. Join us while we discuss the virtues of the ThreeEQ methodology and explore the things that Gen Zs have in common with other generations.

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(02:41) - Jason Ma’s family roots and what it was like to move from Hong Kong to San Francisco as a kid  - “Once you ask a lot of good questions to your parents, you learn so much. Get to know your parents more. They might have some interesting stories for you.”

(06:56) - Jason’s first job - “I was literally a data scientist back then. Traffic analysis, putting together reports, writing some programs to improve productivity…”

(11:19) - How did Jason become an influential advisor focused on elite college admissions? - “So the Top 50 universities, we know exactly how the submission officers think, right? We hacked it, we perfected it.”

(13:13) - How is it like to work both with teenagers and veteran entrepreneurs? - “I'm not good with the kids that are not coachable or the adults that are not coachable. I require my students to be coachable. They're committed, resourceful, and decisive.”

(16:34) - Jason’s ThreeEQ methodology - “Some of the hard skills you learn might be obsolete 2, 3, or 4 years later. You have to keep at it. It is what it is. That's digital. ”

(25:01) - How the ThreeEQ bootcamp works - “I'm a tech CEO. I compounded college counseling, life coaching, leadership coaching, career coaching on top of my tech business savvy. So I integrate that. And I bring all these experiences and channel that into the student in ways that are fun for them.”

(32:06) - What should companies and employers know about working with Gen Zs? - “You have to leverage on people's strengths. Don't leverage on the weaknesses. If the weaknesses are necessary to be converted into a strength in the job, then help them. If not, then focus on their strengths and put them in the right position.”


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